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A Meeting on 7th Pay Commission is convened by DOPT

A Meeting on 7th Pay Commission is convened by DOPT

The central government employees will be happy to see some progress in the announcement made by central government on setting up of 7th Pay commission. The General Secretary, NFIR –National federation of Indian railway men, informed his leaders through his letter dated 20/10/2013, that a meeting with JCM Members has been convened under the Chairmanship of Secretary,DOP&T at 1500 hours on 24th October, 2013 in Committee Room No. 190, North Block,New Delhi.

According to the General Secretary, NFIR, the Core Issue to be discussed in the meeting will be ‘Terms and reference of 7th Pay commission.’ So it is believed that National Council JCM Members will share their views in the meeting regarding Terms and reference of 7th Pay Commission. Already lot of suggestions has been poured by netizens on 7th pay commission and the terms and reference of 7th pay commission.

What is Terms and Reference?

The term represents mainly two things

So the purpose and structure of 7th pay commission will be discussed and most probably defined in the meeting to be held on 24/10/2013 at North Block with Staff Side Members of National Council JCM.

Some suggestions on Terms and reference on 7th Pay commission are compiled and produced here for inviting the Readers opinion.

Structure of the 7th Pay Commission
1) As the practice fallowed before ,7th pay Commission should be headed by a Retired or serving Judge of the Supreme Court;

2) Members of the Commission should have a representation from each Pay Band

3) Commission should have one Member each from Defence , Railways and Postal

4) It should be assisted by a Consultative Body of Ex-Defence and Railway Personnel to project the special conditions prevailing there in – being the largest employers.

Purpose and Principals of Pay Determination
1) 1: 12 Ratio between Minimum and Maximum PAY to be reduced

2) Rationalizing Promotion Policy (No reservation in promtion)

3) Ensure effective functioning of Government Mechanism

4) Effective Grievance redressal System for Government servants

5) Removal of anomalies of Sixth CPC

6) Skill based Wage Structure ( Suggestion of Economist)

So Readers may share their views here ,if any ,on 7th Pay commission and the terms and reference of 7th pay Commission


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