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National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
3, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi-110 055

Dated: 10/09/2013
The General Secretaries of
Affiliated Unions of NFIR.

Dear Brother,


The draft resolution on Charter of Demands for conducting Strike Ballot was discussed in the 210th Working Committee Meeting of NFIR held at Bhilai on to 8th September, 2013 and was unanimously passed by the Working Committee for conducting Strike Ballot.

The Working Committee while passing the Resolution has authorized the Steering Committee of NFIR to decide dales for conducting Strike Ballot to obtain opinion of all sections of railway employees and thereafter deciding for launching indefinite strike on the basis of the mandate being given by railwaymen/women.

It was also decided to conduct intensive campaign on the charter of Demands of NFIR and highlight the facts to the workers much before the date of commencement of Strike Ballot to facilitate the employees to express their opinion for Indefinite Strike.

The affiliates are therefore, urged to take all possible steps to publicise and propagate the Demands listed in the Charter (Copy enclosed).

The dates for conducting Strike Ballot will be announced very soon as the Steering Committee is already seized of the matter.

Yours faithfully
(M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary

Charter of Demands

I. Setting up of VIIth Central Pay Commission without further delay.

2. Abolition of New Pension Scheme – Withdrawal of PFRDA Bill from Parliament – Statutory Guarantee for New Pension Subscribers.

3. Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) on actual wages without enforcing any ceiling.

4. Merger of DA with pay.

5. CountIng of Temporary status Casual Labour Service in full as qualfying service for all purposes.

6. Exemption of Transport Allowance from the purview of Income Tax.
Allotment of pay scales 6th CPC issues.

7. (a) Merger of Technician-II with Technician-I with Grade Pay Rs. 2800/- (PB-I)
(b) Revision of entry grade pay of Station Masters – to be revised to Rs. 4200/- (P8-2).
(c) Replacement of Grade Pay Rs.4600/ with Rs.4800/- (PB-2) w.e.f 01/01/2006.
(d) Allotment of entry Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- to the Group B Gazetted staff
(e) Rectification of various anomalies of 6th CPC in the case of various other categories of staff on promotion to same grade pay shouldering greater responsibilities. Allotment of higher Grade Pay to the Loco Pilots and Guards, Supervisory categories, Field Technical staff Administrative Office staff Workshops and Production Units staff besides those in Grade Pay of Rs.1800/-, Rs.1900/- and above.

8. Special privileges and facilities for Women employees.

9. (a) Prevention of Down Sizing of staff strength. Out Sourcing, Contractorisarion and
(b)Implement pending Board of Arbitration Awards on House Rent Allowance, Over Time. Transport Allowance besides pay scales of Accounis Department staff
(c) Rectification of MACPS anomalies.

(d) Stepping up of pay of seniors where ever juniors drawing higher pay as a result of MACPS.

10. Fixed Medical Allowance to be revised from Rs.300/- p.m. to not less than Rs. 1000/-.

11. Up-gradation of Apex Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ Gazetted — at least up to the extent of 15%.

12. Implementation of the report of Joint Committee for career growth of Track Maintainer in toto.

13. (a) Abolition of 12/- Hours duty in Railways – Reduction of Duty Hours of Running and Safety categories staff
(b) Reduction of Duty Hours of Nursing Staff

14. Provision of Employment to Wards of Employees.

15. Career Improvement of Safaiwalis/Safaiwalas in Indian Railways (Committee has been constituted at the instance of NFIR).

16. Health care of employees, their families besides retired employees with adequate number of Doctors, Para Medical Staff Super specialists etc., need to be provided in all Railway Hospitals/Health Units.

17. Coverage of all Railway employees under Incentive Scheme in Workshops, PUs etc., which are presently not covered.

18. Parity in stenographers, Pay Scales ai par with CSS/RBSS (Railway Ministry has committed to NFIR).

19. Training Allowance to be revised to 30% of pay in all Training Centres/Schools.

20, (a) Depression of emoluments of Loco Inspectors inducted prior to January 1, 2006-Rectification of anomaly.

(b) SPAD definition needs to be reviewed to prevent harassment and victimisation of Running Staff and safety category staff

(c) Enhancement of Income Tax exemption limit in the case of running staff

(d) Running Rooms should be improved, air-conditioned and upgraded on priority.
21. Project incentive allowance to all staff working in projects on Indian Railways.

22. Automatic creation of posts in safety/operational categories for manning new services and maintaining new assets — Filling up of all vacancies.

23. Grant of Daily Allowance to Staff Car Drivers.

24. Absorb quasi administrative units/offices staff against Group ‘D’ vacancies.

25. Revise the rates of Patient Care Allowance and Hard Duly Allowance and also cover other Para-medical staff.

Source: NFIR

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