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DO’s and Don’ts in ECHS Treatment

DO’s and Don’ts in ECHS Treatment

(a) DO’s.
(i) Report to the nearest ECHS Polyclinic in case of any ailment.

(ii) Obtain a referral before availing treatment in any empanelled hospital/ facility.

(iii) Ask treating physician to prescribe only generic medicines.

(iv) Inform the nearest ECHS Polyclinic within 48 hours, if an ECHS beneficiary gets admitted to a non-empanelled/ empanelled facility in an emergency.

(b) Don’ts

Do not get treated in a nonempanelled facility or unless it is an emergency without obtaining prior sanction, as grant of ‘Ex Post Facto’ sanction is not permissible. Planned treatment in a nonempanelled hospital is not permitted

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