7th CPC Option Calculator for Promotion Cases

7th CPC Option Calculator for Promotion Cases

There were times when Pay commission / Promotion comes, the dealing Clerk in Personnel Department would decide which option is best for government servants whose records were maintained by him. He never gave an opportunity to suspect his prowess. Every office in central Government Departments would be having such staff like this. Now the scenario has changed a lot. Since the Todays generation become tech savvy, they want everything from ONLINE.

The Central government employees want the Online to help them in Pay Fixation Also. Many websites come in handy with online calculators in the matter they try to understand.

The Pay Fixation also very important aspect in one’s career once in ten years. When Pay revision takes place, choosing the effective date becomes tough task, when Promotion Pay fixation involves between the due date of Pay revision and date of notification. Read more about Promotion Option Calculation for Revision of pay in 7th CPC

Probably nobody wants to forgo the 7th CPC arrears for the sake of getting some increase in Basic pay when choosing to revise the pay in Date of Next increment. i.e. 1.7.2016.

But how much increase we will get in Basic pay if we go for that option is really matters. If we get the benefit of one or two increment in advance, there will be no hesitation to go for that option in spite of losing six months’ arrears.

You need to enter the Sixth CPC pay as on 1.1.2016 and Date of Promotion and the Promotion Grade Pay in the relevant field.

The calculator gives you results of fixation of Pay from both Options and the Pay as on 1.7.2016. So that you can choose which is beneficial to you…GO TO PROMOTION OPTION CALCULATOR

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