7th CPC Pay Matrix – There is wide Gap between PB3 and PB4 Grades

7th CPC Pay Matrix – There is wide Gap between PB3 and PB4 Grades

There is wide Gap in 7th CPC Pay Matrix between erstwhile PB3 and PB4 Grades

Shri. V.Loganathan has been writing constructive feedbacks on many articles published in gservants.com. The following article clearly shows that in 7th CPC Pay Matrix,there is a wide gap between PB-3 and PB-4 Grades. Since the higher Grades in PB-3 are holding Administrative responsibilities, it must be addressed in a way that they should not feel aggrieved. The article written by V.Loganathan is given below..

“……As per Pay Matrix approved in the 7th Pay Commission, there is wide gap between erstwhile PB3 & PB4 Pay Bands. The following statement will speak for itself the wide gap between these two Pay Band Posts entry Level Pay from 1-1-2016:

Pay Band 15600-39100: – (PB3) Group-A

i)G.P. 5400/- Entry Pay .. 56,100
ii)G.P.6600/- .. .. 67,700
iii)G.P.7600 .. .. 78,800

Pay Band 37,400-67,000 – (PB4)

i) G.P.8700/- Entry Pay .. 1,18,500
ii) G.P.8900/- .. .. 1,31,000
iii) G.P.10000/- .. .. 1,44,200

If we look at the entry pay of PB3 under (iii) category entry Pay is fixed at 78,800/- and the entry pay of PB under (i) is at Rs.1,18,000/-

If a person in erstwhile PB3 under (iii) & PB4 under (i), the difference in Entry Pay will be about Rs.40,000/- This anomaly should be rectified from 1-1-2006 by Matrix formula and the entry pay of Pay Band 3 (Group-A Services) should be revised accordingly from 1-1-2016.

Length of Service to be taken into account in Pay Matrix

The picture of fair salary would be incomplete without taking length of service in a category/post contribution of his similarly placed fellow colleagues (generalists in Administration other than Scientists) at next level of hierarchy into account and their fitment table should also be increased proportionately to a fair level .

After all it’s a team management/work disparity, skills, individual and collective performance and adequate internal communication and collective bargaining on salary issues. When many are paid very lesser pay & perks, they have a tendency to work with heart-burning.

Anomaly Committee should Increase the Entry Pay Proportionately

The Anomaly Committee on 7th Pay Panel must consider this suggestion to revise the gap proportionately / uniformly to all categories of posts in (Group-A Services) PB3 & PB4 Pay Bands from 1-1-2006 by applying Matrix formula and revised Entry Pay to these categories of posts should be approved from 1-1-2016 proportionately.

The following statement as per Fitment Table reveal the wide gap between PB3 & PB4 from 1-1-2006 itself as approved in VI Pay Commission

Rs. 15,200 (S-19) ————– Rs.34,880 + increased GP
Rs. 15,000 (S-20) ————– Rs.35,550 + increased GP
Rs. 15,100 (S-24) ————– Rs.47,230 + increased GP
Rs. 15,100 (S-25) ————– Rs.48,390 + increased GP
Rs. 15,200 (S-28) ————– Rs.48,530 + increased GP

If you look at the above statement for a pre-revised basic pay in the pay range of Rs.15,000/- there is wide difference in the revised pay fitment. The gap should be reduced drastically from 1-1-2006 based on length of service one put in a category etc.

In many cases. Senior Officers put in more than 30 years of Service getting less emoluments/Pension when compared to many junior Officers after implementation of Sixth Pay Panel Report from 1-1-2006. The suggestion to Govt. is that length of Service in a category coupled with duties & responsibilities should be given its due weight-age to relieve heart-burning among Senior Officers of Non-IAS cadre and similarly placed Officers in other Ministries. In many cases the increase in emoluments ranging about more than 100% to 300% in PB 3 & PB 4 posts. Due weightage should be given to PB 3 category (Group-A) with effect from 1-1-2006 by applying Matrix formula..”

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