7th Pay Commission announced – Focus on 7th CPC

7th Pay Commission announced – Focus on 7th CPC

The central government today announced the constitution of Seventh Pay Commission which will benefit about 50 lakhs central government employees and more than 30 lakhs pensioners all over India.

The Finance Minister after getting approved from the Prime Minister announced the decisions. The recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission are likely to be implemented with effect from January 1, 2016.The Central Government constitutes Pay Commission every ten years to revise the pay scales for its employees and it is implemented with some modifications by some states. This announcement has created a joyous atmosphere among the employees and are eagerly waiting for its details.

50% DA Merge
From now, the longstanding question of merging 50% DA with the Basic Pay stands unanswered and the importance of it is slightly decreased.

Who will be the head of committee
Who will be the head of committee the employees are now awaits the announcement regarding who will head the constitution and its members.

Focus on 7th CPC
In VII CPC the anomaly committee should rectify all anomalies in quick time rather than taking long years.

” The merger of 50% DA which was announced in V CPC was not mentioned in the VI CPC . But in VII CPC, employees are expecting the merger of DA and Pay revision in between 10 years.

Final Words
This announcement may trigger in rise in prices right from the vegetable vendor to all other things.

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