7th Pay Commission – Expectations and Suggestions

7th Pay Commission – Expectations and Suggestions

We are all aware about the announcement on forming of 7th Pay Commission during the last week. It is our moral responsibility to convey our gratitude to the Central Government and the Unions which were continuously giving voice to this effect. The main reasons for the announcement regarding the forming of 7th Pay Commission as stated are:

The first reason as considered is being the oncoming election in order to take the efforts to obtain the votes. The second reason is to form pay commission every time and by way of allotment of sizable amount for the sake of the same, the problems like inflation are bound to happen in the country. For that, by way of forming of Pay Commission earlier, as stated by the Government, huge amount are being allotted for the sake of the same in order to avoid the impact at the later stage caused owing to that.

After forming of the 7th Pay Commission, lots of expectations have been created in the minds of Central Government Staff. When this Committee will be formed? Who are all the people deputed in this Committee? What will be the tentative date of submission of the report by them to the Government? After that, the dream of each and every Government employee would be what will be the quantum of hike? In that, what are all the concessions would be incorporated? Likewise, various questions and expectations would arise in the minds of each and every person.

We are all aware that the contents of the 6th Pay Commission had contained many deficiencies and fulfillments. After the implementation of the 6th Pay Commission, we would have noticed about the problem as ‘one increment’ through National Anomaly was finalized and we have received arrears of amount based on that. We all know that there were many finalized problems of such nature and unsolved problems.

Meanwhile, eagerness is generated in the minds of all the people as to what would be the outcome by forming of 7th Pay Commission. Last AISPIN value and the procedure for calculation of DA as also based on the present price index are not found appropriate. This has been pointed out by the Confederation on many occasions.

The merger of DA with basic pay as adopted in the 5th Pay Commission has not been made applicable in the 6th Pay Commission. Non-merger of 50% DA has formed regret and dissatisfaction on the minds of all the employees.

Likewise, forming of Pay Commission once in every 10 years is considered to be quite a long period. Due to the present alarming increase of price, in order to overcome the economic problems, it is quite obvious for all to expect the consideration of the present Pay Commission about the aspects like pay revision at least once in 5 years. For this sake, efforts to involve in agitations are being announced by the Union at various levels.

Various dreams and expectations would prevail on all as regards the details that would be covered by the Pay Commission. Likewise, some would be worried about the repetition of the problems those were encountered during the 6th Pay Commission in the 7th Pay Commission also.

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