Central Trade Unions reiterate countrywide General Strike on 2nd September 2016 – Press Statement

Central Trade Unions reiterate countrywide General Strike on 2nd September 2016 – Press Statement

Released in the Press Conference of CTUOs held on 31st August 2016 at Press Club, New Delhi

Press Communique

31st August 2016

Central Trade Unions Reiterate countrywide General Strike on 2nd Sept, 2016 Group of Ministers (GOM) Announcement an eyewash

The Central Trade Unions reiterate the call for countrywide general strike on 2nd September 2016 against the anti-worker and anti-people policies of the Govt. in view of utterly unresponsive and undemocratic attitude of the Govt. The CTUs view the announcements made by Committee of Ministers as an eyewash and decide to go ahead with the Strike. Meagre raise in minimum wage to Rs.9100/- per month in central sphere is not binding on the States.

The CTUOs expressed dismay over utterly negative attitude of the Govt. towards basic demands of the workers on minimum wages as per consensus formulation of the Indian Labour Conference, on universal social security including pension for all workers including those in unorganised sector, against mass scale contractorisation of permanent and perennial work, against onslaught on basic rights of the workers through so called labour-law-reforms through various state governments and also by the centre in the background of large scale violation of labour laws being promoted by both the central govt and also many state govts, desperate move for privatisation/disinvestment of strategic and sensitive public sector units, and promoting limitless FDI in sensitive sectors like Defence, Railways, Banks, Insurance, Retail and Pharmaceuticals etc. which is also against the interest of the national economy.

The CTUOs made it clear that the desperate bid of the Govt for changing the labour laws both through central and many state govts is basically designed to throw even the overwhelming majority of the organised sector workers out of the coverage and purview of all basic labour laws which would render all other rights and benefits of the working people virtually meaningless.

The CTUOs also noted with dismay that the Govt while making public statement on being positive on the demands of the workers, has actually been actively pushing through executive measures, one after another, just in the opposite direction, against the interest of the working people in the grab of ensuring so called “else of doing business”. All these proactive initiatives militate against the basic interests and rights of the working people. Even the non-striking Central Trade Union also officially recorded its opposition.

The CTUOs expressed satisfaction over the increasing response by the workers throughout the country to the call for united action. The strike is going to be complete in industrial sectors such as transport, financial, power, coal, textile, automobile, port and dock, steel, oil, defence production, scheme, education etc. sectors and Central and State Govts. employees. In some states it is going to be bandh like situation.

It is unfortunate that during the past one year, the Group of Ministers appointed for discussion with the CTUOs on 12 point charter has not convened even a single meeting but has been only talking to BMS which has not joined the strike call. The CTUOs denounce such undemocratic bias of the Govt.

The CTUOs condemn the move of the central govt to divide the workers in the face of ongoing strike campaign and create confusion through making misleading statements on its so called positive attitude on workers’ demands both directly and through their various agencies and allies.

While expressing confidence that such dubious action to divide the workers will not succeed, the CTUOs appeal to the working people of the country irrespective of affiliations to further widen their unity and unitedly combat the anti-worker, anti-people policies of the Govt through making the call for countrywide general strike on 2nd September 2016 a total success.


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