Meeting Held on 7.12.2018 with Railway Minister – AIRF

Brief of the meeting held on 07.12.2018 with Hon’ble Minister for Railways

All India Railwaymen’s Federation
4, State Entry Road, New Delhii – 110055


Dated: December 8, 2018

The General Secretaries,
All Affiliated Unions,

Sub: Brief of the meeting held on 07.12.2018 with Hon’ble Minister for Railways

Dear Comrades,
Yesterday I met Hon’ble Minister for Railways and shown our anguish against the inordinate delay in resolving the problems of the Railwaymen at an earliest. We have also mentioned about the discussions held with the Railway Board on 4-5 December, 2018 and our decision of “Work To Rule”.

He had given positive response and called the Member Staff and Financial Commissioner(Railways), Railway Board, telling them to resolve the problems of the Railwaymen at an earliest, including implementation of four grade structure, in the ratio of 10:20:20:50, in case of Trackmen/Track Maintainers, revision of the rates of Running Allowance and other allowances related to Running Staff, Restructuring of the IT Cadre, etc. etc. The meeting was held in a very cordial atmosphere and Hon’ble MR had appreciated the sentiments of the Railwaymen organized under AIRF.
This is for your information.

Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary

Pending burning issues of the Railwaymen

The undernoted burning issues have been time and again brought to your kind notice for early redressal thereof because non-redressal of these issue is causing serious deep sense of discontentment among the Railway Staff……

1.Implementation of four grade structure in the ratio of 10:20:20:50 in case of Trackmen/Track Maintainers – As you are very well aware that, the Joint Committee on Package and Career Progression of Trackmen had, unanimously recommended to grant four grade structure to the category of Trackmen/Track Maintainers in the ratio of 10:20:20:50 with a view to facilitate advancement prospects to this ever neglected category of the staff who are directly involved in safe train operation by maintaining railway track. Despite assurance given by the Railway Board, during the course of discussions in Railway Board PNM with AIRF, that, orders would be issued within a couple of days to implement the said four grade structure, final outcome is still awaited, due to which serious resentment is brewing among the Trackmen/Track Maintainers.

2.Revision of the rates of Running Allowance and other allowances related to Running Staff – This issue has also been deliberated at length at several occasions, but unfortunately, Railway Board’s instructions to this effect are yet to be issued. The Running Staff, both Loco & Traffic, are seriously concerned due to inordinate delay in revision of the rates of Running Allowance and other allowances related to Running Staff because on previous occasions the revision used to be done just after implementation of recommendations of the successive Central Pay Commissions.

I would, therefore, seek your personal intervene, so that, revision of the rates of the aforesaid allowances is done without any further delay.

3.Restructuring of the IT Cadre – Information Technology has gained paramount importance in all walks of the life. While IT Cadre was formed in the Indian Railways more than a decade ago, but there is still some confusion in regard to dysfunction and Human Resource Management. Railway Board had issued instructions for Cadre Restructuring of IT Cadre (Ref.No.2016/AC-II(CC)/37/9 dated 18.04.2017(RBA No.45/2017), No.2017/AC-II(CC)/37/7 dated 29.06.2017 and No.2017/AC-II/37/9 dated 29.12.2017), but unfortunately, an impracticable condition was imposed to surrender all the vacant posts in the cadre, whereas, in Cadre Restructuring of other categories, only number of posts of Matching Money Value were surrendered and not the entire vacant posts. We have been regularly pursuing this issue, and the present Financial Commissioner, Railway Board, also assured to take necessary action in the matter, but final outcome is still awaited.

I would, therefore, request that, this issue should also be looked into on priority and revised orders issued early.

I sincerely hope that, the above issues would definitely be given due attention and necessary instructions shall be issued without any further delay, keeping in view the discontentment brewing among these vulnerable categories of the Railwaymen.

Source: AIRF

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