NJCA Letter on 7th CPC recommendation dashed the hopes of CG Employees

NJCA letter on 7th Pay Commission recommendation disappoints CG Employees

Contrary to Media report on 7th Pay Commission recommendations, there is no good news for central government employees.

NJCA informed its affiliates through its Letter dated 27-5-2016, a delegation of members of the NJCA met Cabinet Secretary, Shri. P.K. Sinha on 26th May 2016.

The outcome of the Meeting would be disheartening to the central govt employees by all means.

According to the statement of NJCA,they were also surprised over the latest development in 7th CPC issues.

NJCA stated in its letter, through their discussion with Cabinet Secretary it appears that there will be …

  • Slight increase in the Minimum Wage,But
  • No change in Fitment Formula and Pay Matrix.
  • No change in 7th CPC recommendation on HRA,
  • A Committee will be set up to look into the Matter of Allowances and Advances and NPS
  • 1st Option will not be recommended for fixation of Pension, since it is considered infeasible due to the non-availability of the requisite records

Obviously it is not a good news for central govt employees, if the above decision is recommended by the Empowered Committee.

Besides this development, there was no mention of when the Cabinet Approval for implementation of 7th pay commission will be given or when the notification for implementation of 7th CPC recommendations will be issued.


Source: Govtstaffnews.in

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