The 7th CPC failed to address the task of wage revision in a modern way

The 7th CPC failed to address the task of wage revision in a modern way

Lapses in 7th Pay Commission recommendation and Merger of DA

One of our Reader Shri. Stivan J Alva writes about Why the Merger of DA is not recommended and lapses in 7th Pay Commission and how they failed to address the core issue of Pay Revision. His write up is given below

5th CPC has recommended merging the DA whenever it crosses 50%. As the govt accepted its recommendations, DA merger took place for every 50% increase.

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6th CPC left this DA merger recommendation for some other reason. The government very cleverly denied the DA merger after 6th CPC pay in the pretext of 6th CPC not recommended any DA merger. It does not matter that party in power UPA or NDA, both the governments dragged this point against employees favour. There was a tremendous pressure from the employee’s side on 7th CPC for favorable recommendation of DA merger. Surprisingly, 7th CPC not in employees favour. Perhaps government managed to get it from 7th CPC in its extended tenure along with all other retrograde recommendations created frustration in central staff.

The general atmosphere of living standard is entirely different during 5th and 7th CPC’s. Similarly economic standard of the government is different and in far better condition. Under these changing conditions, the government employees also compelled to live in a modern society. In organized Administrative and Police service, they get all facilities irrespective of their eligibility. But in lower side they have to spend from the salary for every required item. Therefore, the CPC’s are duty bound to find a solution during revising the salary.

In the name of outsourcing, government is bringing hurdles in the future of young and energetic persons. One side they are getting less pay and another side day by day their age is crossing to get a permanent job. While their counterparts working with a handful of good salary, these contract people slowly lose faith in the system.

For an effective program implementation and development, it is the primary requirement of the government to have a responsible workforce. And this responsibility never comes with the contract system. Instead of unscientific abolition of lakhs of vacant posts, government can fill the posts in a modern way of requirement.

The 7th CPC failed to address the task of wage revision in a modern way… may be in the extended tenure from August 2015, the government succeeded to bring out recommendations as per its line. There are still very bright opportunities with the government to see its happy workforce…

By – Stivan J Alva

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