Children Education Allowance Certificate Format

Children Education Allowance Certificate Format

A format for Children Education Allowance Certificate is doing the rounds in Social Media. It appears that NSG Department has issued a format for obtaining Certificate from Schools for claiming Children Education Allowance based on the order issued by DoPT. The Certificate must be obtained from the Schools where wards of employees are studying.

The format for Self-Certificate provided here is Department specific. Hence It can be modified according to the requirement of the respective department.

Some departments, when asked about the Children Education Allowance Certificate format, said they will issue a format from their department to their employees immediately after the directions issued by the head of the Establishments.

The Formats for Certificate from School/Institutions and Self Declaration for CEA
Authority vide Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G.and Pensions department of Personnel & Training New Delhi,
Order No.No.A-27012/02/2017-Estt(AI)16 August 2016
(This Order shall be take effective from 1st July 2017)

For reimbursement of CEA

Ref.No Date:
It is certified that Master /Kumari _____________________having
Admission No__________ D.O.B________________Son/Daughter
of Mr/Mrs _______­­______________________________was
Studying in Class _____Sec_____Roll No______during the previous
Academic year from ___________to_________School/Institution,
Namely_____________________________ vide affiliation Regd
No./Code__________and pattern_______________ Curriculum.
Place: –
Date: –

Signature of School Principal
Affix School Stamp

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