FAQ on Central Staffing Scheme

FAQ on Central Staffing Scheme

Department of Personnel & Training

Central Staffing Scheme 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are eligible to apply for Central Staffing Scheme?

Officers from 36 participating services and fulfilling the eligibility conditions as given in the circular are eligible to apply.

2. If a particular Service is not listed in the Participating Services, can it be included?

No. The participating services are duly approved by Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC).

3. Whether this online application is also for Posts of Chief Vigilance Officers (CVOs).

No. the online application is only for Posts under Central Staffing Scheme.

4. How an IAS officer will apply for Central Staffing Scheme.

IAS officers will apply through Intra IAS Website (http://intraias.nic.in). For Intra IAS Portal an IAS Officer needs UserName and Password.

5. In case, if an IAS Officer is not having the Username / Password, how to get it?

The Officer needs to send an e-mail communication mandatorily with full particulars (Name, Cadre and Allotment Year) to ‘[email protected]’. The username and password will be sent by reply e-mail.

6. IAS officer’s data are available in ER Sheet maintained by DOPT. Whether the officer needs to enter all those details again in the CSS online application.

No. All the information available in ER Sheet of the officer will be automatically populated in the application form. If the officer desires, the officer can modify the details in the online application form. It may be noted that editing of these data is permitted but it will not be automatically reflected in their respective ER Sheet.

7. Is it necessary for an officer to complete the application form at once?

No. Only the identity Number, Password and Password hint needs to be created in the first instance. With the identity number and password, the Personal, Qualification, Experience and Training details may be entered into the system at a later date and time. The details about the Identity No. will also be e-mailed to the e-mail id provided by the officer in the Personal details. Once the officer has completed entering all the details, the officer can finalise the application and take the print out. Once the application is finalized, it cannot be edited, only printout can be taken.

8. An Officer has applied for the Central Staffing Scheme for the Year 2010 and the officer was not retained / not selected. Does the officer need to apply again for the year 2011?

Yes, the officer needs to apply again.

9. Is there any User Manual available?

Yes. A document titled “Help to apply online” is available in the Website.

10. In case of Query or Suggestion whom to contact?

For rules related to Central Staffing Scheme / Status:

DS / Director Level: Director (MM), DOPT, North Block, New Delhi.

JS Level: Deputy Secretary(SM), DOPT, North Block, New Delhi.

Related to Software:

Senior Technical Director / Technical Director
NIC Computer Centre, DOPT, North Block, New Delhi.
E-Mail : [email protected]

Authority: http://centralstaffing.gov.in/faq.pdf

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