CG Employees want NJCA to clarify the doubts regarding 7th CPC Issues

CG Employees want NJCA to clarify the doubts regarding 7th CPC Issues

NJCA need to Clarify the Doubts of CG Employees over 7th CPC Issues

No clarity in the Press Statements of both Government and NJCA on 7th CPC issues

The six days Drama was come to an end yesterday. After the Union Cabinet Approved the implementation of 7th CPC Recommendations on 29th June 2016, a Meeting of NJCA leaders held on the next day on 30th June 2016. After the NJCA Meeting, some Leaders met the Group of Ministers at Home Minister’s Residence. It is said to be an informal meeting, so no any official announcement was made by Govt regarding this Meeting. But NJCA leaders told that GOM assured that they would refer this issue to a committee to review.

The same day, SRMU has declared that the Indefinite Strike is postponed based on the Govt assurance. From that day onwards there was lot of drama going on day to day over the issues of 7th CPC and Indefinite Strike

As per schedule the NJCA Leaders met on 6th July 2016 to decide on future course of Action. But the meeting was ended with a decision to postpone the Strike Action.

Finally, the Six Days confusion come to an end on 6th July after NJCA and Ministry of Finance issued Press Statements. [SEE : Press Release of Finimin and Press Statement of NJCA]

But Still there is no Clarity in these press statements on the following issues.

1. When will Notification for implementation of 7th CPC recommendations be published?

2. When will the CG Employees get 7th CPC salary.?

3. Why all allowances including HRA and TA referred to committee?

4. When will the revised rate of HRA and TA come into effect?

5. Does the NJCA really believe the proposed committee will recommend to increase Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor…?

6. If they believe so, why didn’t they say anything about the date on which the 7th CPC come into force…?

7. If 7th CPC comes into force from this Month, Does the NJCA believe the Minimum Pay and Fitment factor will be increased after four months?

8. Do the Govt and NJCA assure No Committee will be formed after four months…? [ Click to Read More ]

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