Notification for appointment of Judicial Committee for implementation of OROP

Notification for appointment of Judicial Committee for implementation of OROP

Ministry of Defence
(Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare)



New Delhi, 14th December, 2015

Whereas the Central Government has decided to implement One Rank One Pensin (OROP) for the Ex-Servicement for payment of uniform pension to the armed forces personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service, regardless of their date of retirement, which implies that briding the gap between the rate of penion of current and past pensioners at periodic intervals.

Whereas it is necessary to implement the same in an equitable manner keeping in view the existing pension structure, the conditions of service, the reasons for varying pensins in case of service personnel of the same rank with same length of qualifying service retiring at different points of time as well as the principle of OROP decided by the Government vide Govt. of India letter No.12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)/Par-II dated 7.11.2015.

Now, therefore, the Central Government hereby appoints a Judicial Committee headed by Justice L.Narasimha Reddy, retired Chief Justice of Parna High Court.

2. The Terms of Reference for the Committee shall be;

To examine and make recommendations on references received from the Central Government on the following matters:

i. Measures for the removal of anomalies that may arise in implementation of the OROP letter No.12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)/Par-II dated 7.11.2015.

ii. Measures for the removal of anomalies that may arise out of inter-service issues of the three forces due to implementation of OROP order ibid.

iii. Implications on service matters.

iv. Any other matter referred by the Central Government on implementation of the OROP or related issues.

In making its recommendations, the Committee shall take into account the financial impact of its recommendations.

3. The Committee shall make its recommendations within six months of the date of its constitution. It may, if necessary, make interim reports on any of the matters mentioned in Paragraph 2 above.

4. The committee will devise its own procedure and may call for such information and take such evidence, as may be considered necessary. Ministries and Departments of Government of India shall furnish such information and documents and other assistaance, as may be required by the committee.

5. The committee will have its Headquarters in Delhi. All administrative support will be provided by Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence.

Joint Secretary to the Govt. of India

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