Brief Summary of Proceedings on Abolish NPS by Delhi Assembly

Brief Summary of Proceedings on Abolish NPS by Delhi Assembly

Brief Summary of Proceedings on Abolish National Pension System (NPS) by Delhi Assembly, Dt. 26th Nov, 2018


Bulletin Part-I
(Brief summary of proceedings)

Monday, 26 November 2018 / 05 Margshirsha 1940 (Saka)

No. 91
02.04 PM

Sh. Ram Niwas Goel, Hon’ble Speaker in-Chair
National Song (Vande Mataram)

1. 2.05 PM Obituary references :

The House paid homage and observed two minutes silence on the sad demise of :

i. Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Former Prime Minister of India.
ii. Sh. Madan Lal Khurana, Former Chief Minister of Delhi.
iii. Sh. Anant Kumar, Cabinet Minister, Govt. of India.
iv. Sh. Maninder Singh Dhir, Former Speaker, Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi.
v. Sh. Sahib Singh Chauhan, Ex-Member, Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi.
vi. Sh. Jile Singh, Ex-Member, Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi.
vii. Sh. Nand Kishore Sehrawat, Ex-Member, Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi
viii. Security personnel and innocent people killed in recent Terrorist/Naxalite attacks in Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and Chhattisgarh.
ix. Victims of Terrorist Attack in Mumbai on 26th November, 2008.

2. 2.17 PM Observance of Constitution Day :

The Chair greeted the Members on the occasion of Constitution Day and the Hon’ble Members read the Preamble to the Constitution of India to commemorate the event. 3. 2.20 PM The Chair greeted the House on the occasion of 550th Guru Parv (Prakash Utsav). He informed that an exhibition in this regard will be organized by the Punjabi Academy on 03rd December 2018 in the Assembly Lawns and 550th Guru Parv (Prakash Utsav) will also be celebrated on Friday, 07th December, 2018 at 6:00 PM at Legislative Assembly Complex, Old Secretariat, Delhi. He invited the Hon’ble Members for the aforesaid events.

4. 2.22 PM Sh. Vijender Gupta, Hon’ble Leader of Opposition, Sh. Om Prakash Sharma and Sh.

Jagdish Pradhan sought to know about the fate of the Notices given by them under Rule- 54 (Calling Attention) and Rule-59 (Adjournment Motion).

The Chair stated that he had not allowed any Notice received from Hon’ble Members except the business listed for the day. He also ruled that an e-mail received from Sh. Kapil Mishra was not in accordance with the Rules.

5. 2.23 PM Sh. Kapil Mishra came in the well and argued with the Chair. The Chair repeatedly requested Sh. Kapil Mishra to take his seat. Shri Kapil Mishra did not relent, the Chair named him.
As the Member refused to withdraw voluntarily, the Chair directed the Marshalls to escort him out.

6. 2.27 PM Government Resolution (Rule-90) : Shri Satyendar Jain, Hon’ble Minister of Home moved the following Resolution under Rule-90 with the leave of the House :
“The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi having its sitting in Delhi on 26 November,

Taking into consideration the following facts:

  • That as per the records of the National Crime Records Bureau, the National Capital Territory of Delhi has acquired and has been consistently maintaining the dubious distinction of being the National Crime Capital as well,
  • That the NCT of Delhi has become totally unsafe for its inhabitants, particularly women, children and elderly, in the wake of ghastly crimes such as rapes, kidnaps and murders becoming order of the day,
  • That the people of NCT of Delhi live in perpetual fear as to whether the near and dear ones who are out on work would be able to return home safely at the end of the day,
  • That due to subversive, disruptive and anti-people instructions given to Delhi Police by Union Government through Lt. Governor, the elected Government is not in a position to enlist any support from Delhi Police even in enforcing central laws such as Essential Services Maintenance Act, when needed,
  • That the elected Chief Minister and Ministers can be attacked in their own office and at the public events hosted by the elected government,
  • That those who attack the Chief Minister have the audacity to file complaint against the elected Chief Minister and pressure Delhi Police to register FIR against the Chief Minister,
  • That the Delhi Police, in spite of its officials on duty being eye witnesses to such attacks on the Chief Minister, tries to hush them up with grossly illogical arguments which have turned the Delhi Police sadly into a butt of ridicule,
  • That the Delhi Police is not accountable to the elected Government, the Legislators and the Legislative Assembly who are charged with the responsibility of looking after overall well being of the people of Delhi,
  • That the seven Members of Lok Sabha belonging to BJP and the recently retired three Members of Rajya Sabha belonging to Congress have no proven record of their efforts to hold Delhi Police to account through Parliament, with 7 BJP Members of Lok Sabha actively assisting Delhi Police in spreading anarchy and harassment of ordinary people,
  • That the elected government is not in a position to remove these grave deficiencies in the service of people on account of certain limitations imposed by the Constitution which kept ‘police’ out of the purview of the elected Government,
  • That it has become a huge and unassailable challenge for the elected Government to discharge its functions and to look after public interest in the absence any control whatsoever over Delhi Police and
  • That it is necessary for the elected Government to have certain degree of control over law enforcing agencies to ensure that decisions taken by it in public interest are implemented thereby contributing to welfare of people and also the public order, Resolves that: The Union government take immediate steps, in larger public interest, to initiate necessary steps to bring the Police in Delhi under the control of the elected government of NCT of Delhi and to make it accountable to the Legislative Assembly as is the case with any other State in the Union of India, by way of amending the Constitution and relevant laws, and In the meanwhile, pending such amendments, necessary steps be initiated by the Government of India to devolve certain powers to the elected Government so that it is in a position to have control over Delhi Police in implementing its decisions, including the decision to invoke ESMA from time to time for smooth running of civic services in public interest and in promotion of public order and for providing for security of its functionaries in discharge of their duties.”

(3.06 PM : Sh. Vijender Gupta, Hon’ble Leader of Opposition continuously disturbed the
proceeding of the House.
The Chair named him and directed the Marshalls to escort him out.)
The following Hon’ble Members participated in the Discussion :
1. Sh. Madan Lal
2. Sh. Nitin Tyagi (He also proposed an amendment)
7. 3.42 PM The Chair adjourned the House upto 4.15 PM.
8. 4.24 PM House reassembled.
Hon’ble Speaker in-Chair.

9. 4.24 PM Discussion on Government Resolution (Rule-90) continued :

3. Sh. Saurabh Bharadwaj
4. Sh. Pankaj Pushkar
5. Sh. Jarnail Singh
(The Chair congratulated Sh. Jarnail Singh on his Marriage Anniversary)
(4:50 PM : Ms. Rakhi Birla, Hon’ble Deputy Speaker In-Chair)
6. Ms. Alka Lamba
7. Ms. Bandana Kumari
8. Sh. Manoj Kumar
9. Sh. Rajesh Rishi
10. Sh. Sharad Chauhan
11. Ms. Sarita Singh
12. Sh. Somnath Bharti
13. Sh. Imran Hussain, Hon’ble Minister of Food & Supplies

Sh. Arvinder Kejriwal, Hon’ble Chief Minister replied to the discussion and requested Shri Nitin Tyagi to withdraw his amendment. The Amendment was withdrawn The Resolution as moved by Sh. Satyendar Jain, Hon’ble Minister of Home was put to vote and adopted by voice-vote.
10. 6.51 PM Calling Attention (Rule-54) :

Shri Ajay Dutt called the attention of the Government towards “Abolishing National Pension System (NPS) and reinstate the old Pension System in the interest of lakhs of Government Servants”.
Sh. Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble Chief Minister made a brief statement.
The following Resolution moved by Sh. Ajay Dutt was put to vote and adopted by voice-vote :
“The Legislative Assembly of NCT of Delhi, having its sitting on 26 November
2018 :

Taking note of the negative consequences of the anti-employee National Pension System (NPS) that is imposed on the Government Servants by the then NDA Government in 2004 and sustained by the UPA-I, UPA-II and NDA-II Governments,

Given the fact that, unlike the old pension scheme, the NPS :

  • does not give any guarantee to the employees either for assured returns on investments or for minimum pension.
  • does not provide for family pension or social security,
  • does not provide for loan facility when in dire need,
  • does not provide for annual increments and hike in DA,
  • does not allow the employees to withdraw enough money from their own pension fund to meet the medical emergencies,
  • leaves the employees at the mercy of volatile markets and the forces that have notoriously been manipulating the markets,
  • imposes draconian restrictions on withdrawals from pension fund,
  • allows the insurance companies to exploit employees by way of forcing them to buy annuity for a minimum of ten years even after retirement, and
  • runs contrary to the spirit of welfare state as enshrined in the Constitution,

Given the fact that the pro-people and welfare oriented Government of NCT of Delhi is strongly in favour of restoring the rights and privileges of its employees by way of replacing the NPS with the time tested old pension scheme, Resolves to urge upon the Government of India to scrap the NPS with immediate effect and bring at once all the Government Servants working under the Government of NCT of Delhi under the old pension scheme and restore to them all the benefits of the old pension scheme wherein the fair and legitimate pensions’ benefits are disbursed through the Consolidated Fund of India, so that the dedicated work force of the Government of NCT of Delhi and their families will be able to lead their lives with sense of security and dignity, and Further resolves to urge upon the Government of India to restore the old pension scheme in place of NPS or the benefit of all the Government Servants working under the Government of India and also to actively encourage other States to follow this true welfare measure”.

11. 7.09 PM Extension of sitting of the House:

Taking the sense of the House, the Chair announced that the sitting of the Fourth Part of Seventh Session of Sixth Delhi Legislative Assembly was being extended by a day i.e till 27th November, 2018.
The Chair also directed that the Short Duration Discussion (Rule-55) listed for the day be listed for 27th November, 2018.

12. 7.09 PM The Chair adjourned the House upto 2.00 PM on Tuesday, 27 November 2018.

Delhi C. Velmurugan
26th November, 2018 Secretary

Source: Confederation

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