Notional Pay Pension Calculator based on New Option

Notional Pay Pension Calculator based on New Option

The Pension Calculator provided below is used to determine the Notional Pay and Basic Pension. The DoPPW has issued Order for revising Pension with new Formulation proposed by the Committee headed by Secretary, Department of Pension Pensioners’ Welfare, which was appointed to examine the feasibility of 1st Option recommended by 7th CPC. The Committee also opined that the 1st Option is not feasible to implement. Hence it has proposed an alternate method of calculation of Pension based on arriving Notional Pay in 7th Pay Commission. So that discrepancy if any in Pension Fixation may be avoided.

This will be done by notional pay fixation under each intervening Pay Commission based on the Formula for revision of pay. White fixing pay on notional basis, the pay fixation formulae approved by the Government and other relevant instructions on the subject in force at the relevant time shall be strictly followed.

The calculator provided below will help you to find the Notional pay and Basic Pension on Notional based on your Inputs in the relevant field. The amount of Pension arrived from Two formulations will be shown in the result page.

The Basic Pension based on Notional Pay is New Option I

The Option II [Fixed by multiplying with 2.57] is already implemented and paid with effect from 1.1.2016.

It has also been decided that higher of the two Formulations, shall be granted to pre-2016 central civil pensioners as revised pension w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

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