Voluntary Retirement in Paramilitary Forces


Minister of State for Home Affairs replied in Parliament(Rajya Sabha) on 27.12.2017 regarding Voluntary Retirement in Paramilitary Forces.

“As per information provided by Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles (CAPFs & AR), 19239 personnel have taken voluntary retirement from service since January, 2016.

Improvement in service conditions/ amenities and welfare of the force personnel is a continuous endeavour. A study was got conducted through Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D) into the factors causing stress and suggest remedial measures and another similar study was got conducted though Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) for BSF & CRPF”. Based on the above study report, the measures, which have been taken to boost the morale and improve the working conditions and reduce stress among the force personnel, are at Annexure-‘A’.

R.S.US.Q.NO.1034 FOR 27.12.2017

Measures taken to improve the working conditions and reduce stress among the force personnel

(i) Transparent policies pertaining to transfer and leave of CAPFs and AR personnel. The hospitalization period due to injuries while on duty is treated as on duty. Choice posting is considered to the extent possible after the personnel served in hard area.

(ii) Regular interaction of officers with troops to find out and redress their grievances.

(iii) Ensuring adequate rest and relief by regulating the duty hours.

(iv) Improving living conditions for troops, providing adequate recreational/ entertainment, sports, communication facilities etc. Crèche facility is also provided at various establishments (where feasible) to facilitate the female employees.

(v) Facility of retention of government accommodation at the place of last posting (for keeping the family) while posted in NE State, J&K and LWE affected areas (except State Capitals).

(vi) Providing better medical facilities, also organizing talks with specialists to address their personal and psychological concerns and organizing Meditation & Yoga routinely for better stress management.

(vii) Adequately compensating the troops deployed in difficult areas.

(viii) Other welfare measures like facility of Central Police Canteen (CPC), scholarship for wards etc. Also air courier service has been provided to CAPF personnel deployed in NE States, J&K and LWE affected areas as welfare measure.

(ix) Designating retired CAPF personnel as ex-CAPF personnel for better identity and community recognition.

(x) Promotions are released regularly to eligible personnel as & when the vacancies arise. Financial benefits under Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) are given in case promotion does not take place for want of vacancies at 10, 20 & 30 years of service.

Besides above, implementation of suitable model for improvement of working conditions of CAPFs & AR is a continuous process and instructions in this regard are issued from time to time by this Ministry.

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