Mystery of Seventh Pay Commission recommendations on Pay and Allowances will be revealed today

7th CPC Recommendation on Pay Structure, Annual Increment, HRA, DA, MACP, Promotion ,Pay Fixation Benefit will be known

All our doubts will be cleared and queries will be answered after submission of 7th pay commission report to Finance Minister today.

The VII Pay commission was appointed on 28th February 2014 to revise the pay and allowances of central government employees and the commission took twenty months time to complete its tedious but sensitive task. On 18th November 2015, the official website of Seventh pay commission informed that the commission is prepared to submits its report to Finance Minister on 19th November 2015 at 19:30 Hrs.

The news created buzz over internet and government staffs expectation went sky high because of many reasons.

The result of recommendations of 7th pay commission to be submitted to the government today will decide the financial future of the 35 Lakh Central government employees and 50Lakh pensioners. And of course it will impact 185 Lakh government employees of Central and state together, since the seventh pay commission recommendation will be followed by state government also.

All the central government employees very keen to know the 7th Pay Commission recommendation on the following important matters.

1.Amount of Increase in Basic Pay

There were many news and roumers circulated about the amount of Increase over Basic Pay. It is now expected 15 to 30 % increase will be there in the recommendations of Pay commission.

2. 7th CPC Pay Structure

Whether existing system [Pay Band and Grade Pay] continues or not ?.

Federations claimed that pay commission accepted to drop the Grade Pay and Pay band System and old Pay Scale system with open ended Pay scale would be recommended. This would be a critical decision as both the systems has its own advantages and dis advantages.

3.Annual Increment

How much it will be granted?

At least 5% of the Basic Pay has been expected as annual increment in 7th Pay commission. Some doubts are there that Performance based Increment and Promotion will be recommended by the Pay commission. But it is not feasible for implementing this proposal in Govt Sector.

4. MACP in 7th Pay commission

Federation demanded 5 MACP to be ensured in ones career. But it expected 4 MACP s will be granted. But the main plea of Central government Federation is MACP should be granted on Promotion hierarchy instead of Grade pay hierarchy.

5.Pay Fixation on Promotion

In the existing system it is reported that Pay fixation on promotion created anomaly and and it lead to Junior gets higher Pay than Senior Govt servants. There should be definite Pay Scale and Pay for respective promotion is expected with the benefit of 10% increment on pay fixation

6. House Rent Allowance

NCJCM Proposal demanded 60%,40% and 20% of HRA instead of 30%,20% and 10%. But it is not known how much the 7th pay commission decided to grant on HRA

7. Dearness Allowance

DA Calculation will be revised and it is expected the pay commission to recommend merger of dearness Allowance whenever DA reaches 50%

7. All other Allowances

All the other allowances including CCA, TA to be proportionate to the amount of increase in rate of Dearness Allowance.

All the above matters will be cleared by this evening and let us wait for 8 more hours to know the all the information. But whatever it is recommended in the 7th pay commission report is not final and it is subject to modification based on the impact and objections and responses both sides from central government and government servants, unions and Federations.

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