Grant of Non Functional Grade Pay Rs. 5400 to Inspectors under ACP/MACP – CBDT Orders dated on 6.12.2018

Grant of Non Functional Grade Pay Rs. 5400 to Inspectors under ACP/MACP – CBDT Orders dated on 6.12.2018
OA No.1707/2016 filed by Shri R.K.Tripathi & Ors. Vs. UOI & Ors. before Hobble CAT PB, New Delhi — for grant of non-functional Grade Pay of Rs.5400//- in PB-2 to those Inspectors who were granted Grade Pay of Rs.4800/- due to ACP / MACP Scheme

Most Immediate
Court Matter
By FAX/Speed post

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

North Block,New Delhi.
Dated 6th December,2018

Director General
Directorate of Human Resource Development(HRM),
Cusotms & Central Excise,507,Deep Shikha,
Rajendra Place,New Delhi-110 008

Subject: OA No. 1707/2016 filed by Shri R.K. Tripathi & Ors before Honorable CAT PB,New Delhi for grant of non-functional Grade pay of Rs. 5400/- in PB-2 to those Inspectors who were granted Grade Pay of Rs. 4800/-due to ACP/MACP Scheme

I am directed to say that as per extant instructions,non functional Grade pay of Rs.5400 in PB-2 (per-revised) is granted to those Superintendents/ Appraisers who have completed 4 years who was granted Grade pay of Rs. 4800/- Shri M.Subramaniam,the then Inspector who was granted Grade pay of Rs. 4800/-due to ACP scheme, got favorable judgment from the Honorable Supreme Court.Review Petition in the said case was also dismissed by the Honorable Supreme Court.

2.Consequent upon dismissal of Civil Appeal No.8883/2011 and Review Petition in Civil Appeal filed by UOI by Honorable Supreme Court,the judgement of Honorable High Court of Madras in M. Subramaniam has been implemented in consultation with D/o Expenditure.

3.Keeping in view a number of similar court cases in different Benches of CAT/Court being decided by CAT/High Court, in favor of petitioners,the matter was examined in the Board and a proposal was referred to D/o Expenditure to consider extension of the direction of the Honorable Court in M.Subramaniam,to all similarly placed officers. Dept of Expenditure vied note dated 12.11.2018 examined the matterand sought following clarifications:-

(i) How many individuals of which posts have been allowed the benefit so far?
(ii) How many similarly placed persons are to be covered in the benefit?
(iii) Whether the similarly placed persons are holder of the same post which was held by the individuals covered in the SLP?
(iv) The financial implications on the benefit already allowed and the estimated financial implication on the similarly placed employees?

4.The details sought by D/o Expenditure vied note dated 12.11.2108 needs to be compiled from the Zonal Commissioner-ate. You are requested to kindly obtain the details/information on the points mentioned above from Zonal Commissioner-ate, compile it and furnish the same to the Board for taking up the matter with D/o Expenditure. Since a number of court cases are pending in CAT/High Court, it is requested to expedite this exercise and detail/information be made available to the Board, by 20.12.2018.

Yours faithfully,
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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